An Update from Jeff

Wow, it has been quite awhile since our last post! All our contributors have been quite busy over the past few months, and unfortunately writing for pleasure has taken a bit of a backseat for all. I’m sure the others are with me in saying that we love to write about games, but we also want time to play games, a battle which the latter has been winning over the past year. That said, I’ve always wanted this site to serve as an outlet for us to write- whether its a review, an op-ed, or a rambling. A few folks have been asking me recently when we will begin contributing regularly to the site again. While I can’t speak for the other guys, I’ve been wanting to start writing again, if only on occasion. So in the spirit of beginning anew, here is a quick recap on what I’ve been up to recently in my gaming endeavors.

New PC

New PC BuildBuilding computers is a relatively recent hobby of mine, and recently I decided it was time to upgrade my desktop PC to a system that could reliably run Minecraft and all the other next-gen titles. My second build, this rig turned out well, besides a brief frustration over a defective motherboard. I had originally intended to try my hand at overclocking this time around, but right now it devours everything I can throw at it, so I’m not sure how much good an overclock will do, besides voiding a few warranties.  More photos, as well as specs from the build can be found here.

With a new system, I’ve been getting back into PC gaming, my most recent forays being:

Metro 2033– I missed this one when it released last year, and Zack’s review wasn’t much encouragement. Nevertheless, the $10 Steam sale won out, and while I haven’t played much, It’s enjoyable so far. It’s a beautiful, albeit ominous game, clearly meant to be played on the PC. I’ve only invested a few hours into it so far, so its not clear how the gameplay will hold up, but its a interesting experience for what I’ve seen.

Rift– I’ve been out of the MMO world for quite awhile, but decided to pick this title up to give the genre a fair shake once more. While I doubt I’ll continue past the free month of play, the game is proficient, its most notable achievement being the class system, which allows you you specialize and multiple roles at will, a la Final Fantasy XI. This one exception aside, the game is in many ways cloned from World of Warcraft. The story especially is quite weak, which, while not out of the ordinary for an MMO, is still a hard sell for a game that requires an incredible time investment and a monthly fee to “complete”.

In the console world, my efforts have been focused on Portal 2 (awesome) and, to a lesser extent, a replay of Mass Effect 1 and 2 (obviously awesome, otherwise I wouldn’t be replaying them).

That’s all for now, stay tuned for more….eventually!