So long and thanks for all the nerdiness

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Dear Jerry and Mike,

And here we are: the gamer blog; the obligatory PAX post. This time it’s different though, because the one thing I realize we’ve never done is to thank you for PAX.

So this time, that is what I’m doing.

Jeff and I have never been to Boston before. So the thought was, what better time to see this glorious new city, but crammed into a convention center in front of a screen?

So in a stark modern building nestled amongst some old-world charm that we quickly hurried past, there she was: PAX East. And she was a beaut. Brimming with excitement and anticipation. The camaraderie of witty T-shirts, buttons and badges.

Day one was filled with the essentials. The PAX Q & A of course. There is nothing quite like a show that makes you laugh, cry and a feel little insulted at the same time. The ever-sharp wit of Jerry and Mike, the endless stream of gifts that were laid at their feet are always the best to see/hear. Amongst the fun though, there’s got to be something ever humbling, listening to the stories of those lives touched by this Childs Play and this very event.

But enough of beautiful and on to the tragically magical: the games. Oh the glorious onslaught of expo hall games, free play games, games that you brought yourself, because why the hell not?

I didn’t check out too many of the bigger titles this year. Though I did stop to ponder in front of the Far Cry 3 tattoo parlor, imagining the rampant diseases of a tattoo piercing my skin in this open air, probably germ filled expo hall.

Oh wait, we’re safe. There’s a health inspector here, and looking ever excited to be here sir!

Of all the games I saw I was most drawn to Quantum Conundrum, a plucky game about being able to switch dimensions in a room to solve puzzles. I will most certainly be getting it. Well, if I can get over the humiliation of being told that I could win a prize if I didn’t die during the whole trial, then feel the immediate sweat to my palms and shortness of breath that can only come with such high-stakes conditions. Let’s just say I promptly died more times that that bewildered expo-prize wielder would probably see all day.

The rest of the show passed like a dream; the happy, plump dream of a fat kid frolicking a field of hot dogs.

Of course enjoying one type of nerddom wasn’t enough for a trip of this caliber. Between the table-top games we were discovering, swag we were grabbing and maybe a happy hour with some Star Wars Nerds (Lucas Arts TM I’m pretty sure), I couldn’t quite quiet the journalism nerd in me.  So you have it. A picture from the guys from the newly founded

We may have asked them to take a picture of only Jeff and I first. Please don't hold that against us.

and t tweet I’ve been drafting and redrafting thanking @BenKuchera for a great panel on long-form game journalism.

“Thanks @BenKuchera for a great panel”

…No that’s lame

“@BenKuchera’s panel on long form journalism was my favorite part of #PAX. Second to the Q&A, which I think he’s obligated to be ok with”

…maybe he’ll find that funny…

So … anyway thanks Jerry and Mike for another great year. See you next…

Oh right. I forgot, we maybe seeing you later this year as we are going to PAX Prime too. Hope that’s not creepy.


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