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Impressions: The Passing DLC (Left 4 Dead 2)

The newest level in the Left 4 Dead saga is a 3-chapter kill-a-thon entitled The Passing. This level is situated between L4D2’s first two acts, Dead Center and Dark Carnival. If you’re at all familiar with the campaigns, you know that Dead Center ends with our four heroes gallantly omitting themselves from a zombie-infested shopping mall, with the help of a NASCAR-ish stock car. The Passing attempts to create a bridge between the mall and the Dark Carnival levels, with middling success.

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Impressions: Kasumi DLC (Mass Effect 2)

Kasumi Mass Effect 2

If you bought Mass Effect 2 new, then you are already familiar with the slew of free DLC via the Cerberus Network that has been released in the relatively short time the game has been out. Most games that even see DLC only get one  or two installments at most, and rarely are they ever free. While the ME2 Cerberus Network DLC has been a little hit or miss, lets be honest: its free. Being such a huge fan of Mass Effect 2, and the first game as well, I was more than happy to shell out a few bucks for the Kasumi DLC pack. Continue reading

Star Wars: The Old Republic, the first legitimate competitor to WoW


A lot has changed since the days of Everquest, Asheron’s Call,  and Ultima Online. The MMORPG market today is far larger, and yet, I would argue, far more homogenous than ever. World of Warcraft has certainly expanded the appeal for MMO’s,  however its stranglehold on the MMO userbase has been unhealthy for the market, with almost every new IP struggling to survive. For most players, a large player population is the first sign of a healthy MMO. Some players are certainly satisfied with their niche titles, which appeal to player numbering in thousands, not millions. World of Warcraft, however, has proved that mainstream appeal for MMOs is possible.

Even if you don’t want to play WoW, the decision of which online timesink to play these days is largely dependent on which game is least likely to be on life support a year after launch. Many of the other MMOs have been released as “WoW killers”, featuring new IPs, new gameplay modes, etc, some of which have found great niche success, but never to the levels that WoW has enjoyed these past 5 years. I am referring of course to games like Guild Wars (no subscription), Warhammer: Age of Reckoning (PVP centric), and others. I tried several of these titles,  yet most lacked much of a competitive advantage to WoW…simply no one can compete with the established userbase and widely recognizeable IP that Blizzard has….no one, except Star Wars: The Old Republic. Continue reading