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Hands-on: Diablo III

Diablo III

The Blizzard booth at PAX 09 was crowded, with gameplay demos of the new World of Warcraft Cataclysm expansion, Starcraft II, and, of course, Diablo III. Despite already showing a high level of polish, Diablo III still lacks any definitive release date, and much of the game, namely classes, remains under wraps. The demo stations at PAX allowed around 10-15 minutes of free exploration with one of the four announced classes, including the recently revealed Monk class. I was actually a little surprised at how long the demo lasted; the lines for the game were among the worst at the convention. Continue reading

Hands-on: Global Agenda

Global Agenda

I stumbled across the Hi-Rez studios booth this weekend at PAX, showcasing their flagship game “Global Agenda”, a third person shooter MMORPG for the PC. The game bears a striking resemblance to Tribes, not simply because of a jetpack as a key gameplay mechanic, but the classes and visual style are similar enough to Tribes to be more than a simple coincidence; clearly the developers had some inspiration there. I was able to play a few rounds of the PVP element of Global Agenda, and while I had little exposure to the RPG elements of the game, the fluid gameplay and strategic combat mechanics really shine through. Continue reading