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Review: Brothers: A Tale of Two Sticks


In a market full to the brim (at times overflowing) with games that are carbon copies of games that are carbon copies of games that are carbon copies of games, it is indescribably relieving to play a game that not only breaks the mold, but breaks the mold that molded the original mold. “Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons” is one of those games. It adopts an entirely new approach to controls and their affect on storytelling, effectively marrying the controller and the controlled. Never before have I felt that the simple press of a button or movement of a control stick could move me to the brink of tears. “Brothers” did just that.

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Review: Dead Rising 2 – Case Zero

Dead Rising 2: Case Zero is exactly what many have tagged it as: a glorified demo. It has all the trappings of a demo (short play time, limited options, no story to speak of), with one key difference: this demo will set you back 5 bucks (400 MSP). Going into it, I really wasn’t sure if any “demo” would be worth an actual monetary investment. Did purchasing Case Zero pay off for me in the end? Hit the jump to find out!

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Review: Alan Wake

Alan Wake is a title that for many years served only to occupy the tail end of release lists and always with an indeterminate date.  For all that time I thought little of the title.  Surely it would end up in development limbo and probably never see the light of day.  Suddenly, it resurfaced at E3 2009, and my interest in Remedy’s mysterious title continued to grow  until it was finally released on May 18, 2010.  Was the long development cycle worth the wait?

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Review: Brutal Legend


I realized this past Tuesday that I would have a couple extra hours to kill going from the mid-week into the weekend. I stopped into my local Blockbuster store to check out if there were any new games I would be interested in renting. I saw Brutal Legend on the shelf, and I thought to myself, “Hmm….Jack Black is sometimes funny. And I enjoy classic rock music.  And Tim Schafer’s last game was brilliant. Shouldn’t any combination of these be extraordinary?” Of course I assumed the positive, and paid the 9 dollars (Sidenote: NINE DOLLARS TO RENT A VIDEOGAME IS PRETTY RIDICULOUS.) to check out Brutal Legend for a few days.

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